AutoNation Finance originations skyrocket by 74%

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  • AutoNation Finance’s origination volume increased by 74% in the fourth quarter.
  • The retailer launched captive financing at nearly all of its franchised stores.

AutoNation Finance, the auto retailer’s captive financing arm, experienced a significant increase in origination volume in the fourth quarter of 2023. The company reported a 74% sequential jump in originations, driven by the launch of captive financing at nearly all of its franchised stores. AutoNation Finance, formerly known as CIG Financial, originated around $110 million in loans in the fourth quarter, up from $63 million in the third quarter. The company’s portfolio also saw growth, reaching $450 million.

This increase in origination volume and portfolio growth can be attributed to the successful integration of captive financing across the company’s stores. AutoNation has been actively working to expand its captive financing capabilities as part of its strategy to capture a greater share of the auto financing market. Captive financing allows the company to offer its own financing options to customers, which can often lead to higher sales and increased customer loyalty.

In addition to the growth in origination volume, AutoNation Finance also saw improved aftermarket product sales. Aftermarket products include extended warranties, service contracts, and other add-ons that customers can purchase alongside their vehicle. These products typically have higher profit margins than the vehicles themselves, making them an important source of revenue for auto retailers.

The strong performance of AutoNation Finance is reflective of the overall growth of the auto finance industry. With increasing consumer demand for vehicles and favorable lending conditions, auto retailers and lenders are experiencing higher origination volumes and portfolio growth. This trend is expected to continue as the economy recovers and consumer confidence remains high.

Overall, the integration of captive financing at AutoNation has proven to be a successful strategy, driving origination volume and portfolio growth. By offering their own financing options and aftermarket products, the company is able to provide a comprehensive financing solution to customers, while also generating additional revenue.

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