EQ India: Unveiling fintech’s frontier, global dreams, and green commitments.

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– EQ India, the leading shareholder management company, is experiencing dynamic growth in the fintech space and has global expansion goals, with a focus on the Indian market.
– The company is committed to talent development and sustainability, with a diverse workforce and a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

In an exclusive interview with ET Edge Insights, Anand Ramakrishnan, the Managing Director of EQ India, discusses the company’s operations, growth strategies, talent development initiatives, and commitment to sustainability. EQ India handles share registry for millions of shareholders globally and is the largest shareholder management company in the UK. The company is dedicated to managing share registry and pension business in India, with a workforce of 1,500 employees in Bangalore and Chennai.

EQ India’s technology services are tailored to the highly specialized and regulated nature of shareholder management. The company collaborates with top technology providers and integrates technology solutions that align seamlessly with regulatory frameworks and enhance customer service and quality. EQ India also focuses on talent acquisition and development, recruiting bright minds and providing robust training programs. The company encourages certifications and invests in continuous training to foster professional growth.

Sustainability is a key focus for EQ India, with a commitment to eco-friendly practices such as eliminating single-use plastics and exploring clean energy sources. The company’s ambitious plans include doubling its workforce in the next couple of years and expanding into the pension space. EQ India aims to create competency centers in India for global functions like procurement and project management.

Mr. Ramakrishnan highlights the importance of leadership in a fast-paced and specialized growth setting. He emphasizes the need for leaders to handle challenges, uncertainties, and competition effectively, as well as the importance of building a robust team that can delegate tasks and tackle challenges independently.

Overall, EQ India is experiencing dynamic growth in the fintech space and is committed to talent development, sustainability, and responsible business practices. The company’s global expansion goals and focus on the Indian market position it as a leader in the fintech frontier.

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