EquiLend, Big Apple’s FinTech giant, hit by cyber attack Network compromised.

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TLDR: EquiLend suffers cyber attack, portions of network taken offline


  • New York-based fintech company EquiLend experienced a cyber security incident that allowed cyber criminals to gain unauthorized access to its network and take certain systems offline.
  • The exact details of the attack and the impact on EquiLend’s operations are unknown at this time.

New York-based fintech giant EquiLend has revealed that it suffered a cyber attack that caused certain portions of its network to go offline. The attack allowed cyber criminals to gain unauthorized access to EquiLend’s systems, although the exact details of the incident and the impact on the company’s operations are unclear.

EquiLend is a leading provider of trading, post-trade, and market data services for the global securities finance industry. The company offers a wide range of products and services to its clients, including trading platforms, data feeds, and workflow tools. Given the sensitive nature of the information and transactions that EquiLend handles, the incident has raised concerns about the security of the financial industry as a whole.

Cyber attacks on financial institutions have become increasingly common in recent years, as cyber criminals look to exploit vulnerabilities in the industry’s digital infrastructure. These attacks can have severe consequences, ranging from financial losses and reputational damage for the targeted companies to potential risks for the wider financial system.

While EquiLend has not disclosed the exact nature of the attack or the specific systems that were compromised, it is likely that the incident involved some form of unauthorized access or breach of EquiLend’s network. The company has not provided any details about the potential impact on its operations or the steps it is taking to mitigate the damage.

Given the growing threat of cyber attacks and the importance of cyber security in the financial industry, it is crucial for companies like EquiLend to have robust security measures in place. This includes implementing strong access controls, regularly monitoring and updating their systems, and investing in advanced threat detection and response capabilities.

In addition to preventing cyber attacks, organizations must also have effective incident response plans in place to minimize the impact of any potential breaches. This includes having a clear process for detecting and containing incidents, notifying affected parties, and conducting thorough investigations to identify the root cause of the attack.

The EquiLend incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by cyber criminals and the need for financial institutions to remain vigilant and proactive in their efforts to protect their networks and data. It also highlights the importance of collaboration between industry stakeholders, regulators, and law enforcement agencies to share information and best practices and to coordinate responses to cyber security incidents.

As the investigation into the EquiLend incident continues, it is important for the company to communicate openly and transparently with its clients and the wider financial industry about the incident and the steps it is taking to address the breach. This will help to rebuild trust and confidence in EquiLend’s security measures and ensure that appropriate actions are taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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