Giovanni Daprà reveals secrets to a long-term plan in fintech.

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12 years and £3.7 billion in assets under management later, Moneyfarm founder Giovanni Daprà discusses the challenges and successes of the wealthtech industry. Key points include:

  • Mmoneyfarm’s journey to overcoming the hurdle of survival in the fast-growing fintech sector.
  • The hybrid robo paradox and the challenge of attracting young investors with modest amounts to invest.

In the article, Daprà outlines Moneyfarm’s strategic plan for growth, highlighting the importance of becoming a ‘total wealth manager’ and expanding their white-label B2B operation. The article also delves into the naivety of investment decisions and the value of personalized advice in guiding customers towards long-term financial goals.

Daprà emphasizes the significance of balancing what customers want with what they need in terms of financial management, and discusses how Moneyfarm aims to provide a unique and educational experience to its users through a combination of technology, engagement, and asset management.

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