Martha Sazon empowers Filipinos financially with GCash.

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  • Martha Sazon, CEO of GCash, is financially empowering Filipinos through fintech.
  • GCash is providing access to financial services, helping Filipinos save, invest, and grow their wealth.

Martha Sazon took on the role of president and CEO of GCash during the COVID-19 pandemic, revolutionizing the fintech industry in the Philippines. Under her leadership, GCash has made significant strides in providing financial services to all Filipinos, regardless of their circumstances. The app has become integral in Filipinos’ everyday lives, going beyond just money exchange to offer opportunities for financial freedom through savings, investments, insurance, loans, and more.

GCash has also focused on financially empowering Filipina women, with more than half of the app’s users being women. Women are given opportunities to manage finances, access fair lending, start businesses, and save money through GCash. The app also promotes gender diversity within the company, with half of its leaders and employees being women.

Martha Sazon’s vision for GCash is “Finance for All,” aiming to make Filipinos’ everyday lives better by increasing access to financial services. The app has played a significant role in increasing the percentage of banked Filipinos from 29% before the pandemic to over 65% in recent years. Sazon continues to be a trailblazer in the fintech industry, inspiring others and leading the charge for transformative change.

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