Oracle unveils eco-friendly cloud EPM for sustainable business strategies.

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  • Oracle introduces Oracle Cloud EPM for Sustainability at Oracle CloudWorld.
  • The solution leverages automation, AI, and machine learning to streamline data consolidation and reporting for sustainability initiatives.

Oracle, a global leader in integrated cloud applications, has launched Oracle Cloud EPM for Sustainability, a solution aimed at helping organizations manage their sustainability initiatives more effectively. The product addresses the challenge of collecting environmental data from various sources by utilizing automation, AI, and machine learning. Features include data collection from multiple sources, scenario modeling for sustainability strategies, AI-powered insights, and predictive planning. The solution also enables compliance with international reporting standards and narrative reporting features for transparency and accountability.

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Oracle has introduced a new cloud solution, Oracle Cloud EPM for Sustainability, at Oracle CloudWorld. This product is designed to assist organizations in managing their sustainability initiatives more efficiently. The need for businesses to align their operations with sustainability goals has been growing, leading to the development of this solution.

One key challenge faced by organizations is the collection of environmental data from various sources, which often ends up siloed in spreadsheets, making reporting and analysis processes slow and error-prone. Oracle Cloud EPM for Sustainability addresses these issues by using automation, AI, and machine learning to streamline data consolidation, improve reporting accuracy, and comply with emerging sustainability reporting standards.

Oracle’s expertise in cloud applications and platform services allows this solution to integrate seamlessly with existing business processes. It offers features such as direct data collection, scenario modeling for different sustainability strategies, AI-powered insights for decision-making, and predictive planning supported by AI and machine learning.

This comprehensive approach enables organizations to meet international reporting standards more easily, such as the Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Through narrative reporting features, detailed and context-rich reports can be created and shared with stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability in sustainability efforts.

Oracle’s commitment to sustainability is evident in this latest offering, as the company aims to help customers improve efficiency, deliver insights, promote compliance, and effectively manage their progress on sustainability initiatives.

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