Sumsub and Chainalysis team up to revolutionize compliance and security.

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Sumsub and Chainalysis Partnership Summary


  • Sumsub and Chainalysis have partnered to enhance compliance and security in the digital realm.
  • The collaboration aims to automate digital asset transaction monitoring and ensure regulatory compliance.

Sumsub, a leader in full-cycle verification, has teamed up with Chainalysis, a blockchain data analysis pioneer, to revolutionize compliance and security in the digital realm. Sumsub offers comprehensive verification solutions, including Transaction Monitoring and the Travel Rule, while Chainalysis provides unmatched analytics across multiple blockchains. This partnership aims to address the increasing complexity of regulations and protect clients against fraudulent activities and money laundering.

The collaboration between Sumsub and Chainalysis introduces advanced tools for risk management, deeper investigation capabilities, and a secure environment for KYC and AML compliance. By leveraging the strengths of both platforms, businesses in the crypto sector can align with global AML and KYC regulations, fostering trust and confidence in digital transactions. The integration of Sumsub’s verification services with Chainalysis’ blockchain analytics reshapes the landscape of crypto compliance and security.

Jacob Sever, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Sumsub, expressed pride in working with Chainalysis, stating that the partnership enables access to over one billion mapped addresses across multiple blockchains for customers using Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring and Chainalysis crypto risk solutions. This collaboration signifies a new era of digital compliance for crypto businesses, offering enhanced privacy, control, and automation in transaction monitoring.

Overall, the Sumsub and Chainalysis partnership represents a significant step towards enhancing compliance and security in the digital asset space, providing businesses with the tools needed to navigate regulatory requirements and protect against illicit activities.

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