XTX Markets – home to the top finance AI jobs.

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  • XTX Markets has invested heavily in AI infrastructure with thousands of GPUs.
  • They have job openings for machine learning researchers and engineers.

The most powerful AI jobs in finance can be found at XTX Markets, a leading electronic trading firm in the UK. They have an impressive AI infrastructure with tens of thousands of GPUs and 100,000 cores. XTX Markets is currently hiring individuals to maximize the potential of their AI setup. They have vacancies for junior and senior PhD researchers, as well as a machine learning performance engineer based in New York.

The firm recently launched XTY Labs in New York, led by Dr. Atlas Wang, a renowned figure in the machine learning field. XTX Markets is looking for individuals with exceptional research backgrounds to join their team. The job listings also mention a preference for experience with FPGAs, indicating a need for practical skills in addition to academic knowledge.

Overall, XTX Markets offers exciting opportunities for those interested in cutting-edge AI research and development in the financial services industry.

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